It’s been a while since my last post.  I somehow seem to be running out of time pretty much every day nowadays.  I could not believe little Grayson is almost 6 months old and we are almost nearly 3 months away to Christmas!  It’s very scary to think about how fast we are traveling through this year, I guess this is a sign of getting old I suppose 🙂

Today we spent a beautiful spring morning at the Raeburn Orchard in Roleystone and just in time to catch probably the end of their cherry blossom season.  Aiden had a great time running around with Alex and Sophie and I had a chance to drag out my old Canon dslr.  The big camera somehow made me feel like a dinosaur of a photographer from the past lol!



Our Baby G


Well since my last post, we have had another big change to our lives.  We welcomed our 2nd son into our world of 3 🙂  He arrived roughly 2 weeks earlier than expected, a day after we spent a day on the beach at Woodman Point and binged on a good dose of fish and chips for dinner that night!  May be was the fish?

Anyway, now that the dust has settled a bit, I thought I might share a few moments with all our friends and thank you all for the good wishes.


Been quite a few months since my last post again and I am yet to post any photos from our last trip to Taiwan 🙂  Procrastination, occasional Chinese dramas and computer games are the usual culprits of course.  Anyway, another year, another Sculpture by the Sea exhibition and only this year I found myself scratching my head wondering what the fuss was all about.  Unfortunately I think this year’s exhibits were the weakest compared to all the past years that I have visited.  The weather though was wonderful and the beach was packed with sunbathers and overly excited kids.


It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  Couldn’t believe it is now less than a month to Christmas and 2016 is nearly at her end!  Last year this time we were all back home in Kuching because my dad were really ill in hospital, unfortunately he left us all on the 5th.  I have never felt how united our family is and how close I am to all my brothers and sister.  In the same year, Jin’s father had a serious stroke back in May which left him partially paralyzed and robbed of his ability to speak.  It was a really stressful year and we all hoped for a better year.  It turned out 2016 is not bad at all.  Mum had a back operation and is recovering well and no, we did not win lotto but we are about to have a second baby!  More to that later, but we went for a short trip back to see Jin’s family and attended her brother’s wedding in South Korea few weeks ago.  In between, we even managed to squeeze a week long break in Taipei.  It was the highlight of the whole trip and tell you what, Taipei is an awesome city in so many ways.  The people (friendliness), the food, the cleanliness and the food, oh did I mention the food?… We will be back for sure!   Meanwhile, I have tons of photos and videos to go through and will slowly post some here to share with you all.

Here is Aiden eating a giant serve of ice cream at Ximending 🙂