Sculpture by the Sea


As mentioned in my previous post, we did go to the Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe yesterday evening.  After battling our way through heavy Friday evening traffic, we were kind of running out of time as the sun was starting to set by the time we arrived.  There were quite a lot of people on the beach still to enjoy the evening sun and we were treated to a beautiful sunset and gentle sea breeze.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take as many photos as we wanted and most of the photos were not very good at all for some reasons.



Silhouette by the Sea

Silhouette by the Sea

The Counter

The Counter - kids having fun through the door

Hanging Pegs

Hanging Pegs

Mirrors -Sculpture by the Sea

Mirrors -Sculpture by the Sea


Kids having fun

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea


3 Responses to “Sculpture by the Sea”

  1. 1 yeong

    wow~ i like 2nd one. it seems the movie post “big fish” ^^

  2. 2 Jin

    Ya I remember Big fish poster 🙂 it does look like it~

  1. 1 Sculpture by the Sea 2011 « Kimtojin's PhotoBlog

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