After the storm


Living in Perth, we certainly appreciate every single drop of rain that heaven bestows upon us.  However, yesterday storm was of a whole new magnitude that many of us have never witnessed before.  I was at work when the hail storm hit and all I could think of was my poor car park outside along a bare street.  How can anything survive under the impact of hailstones the size of golf balls?  Well, to my delight, my windscreen and windows were OK, but on closer inspection this morning unfortunately I discovered multiple small dents on my car’s roof as well as bonnet.  Well, what can I do?  Sue the heaven?!  Claim against the insurance?  How can you possibly repair these?  Well, after the storm and long power outage last night, I found calmness in this photo which I have taken quite a few years ago on a road trip.  Have a nice day everyone!

Added 23/03/10:  Went to a garage for a quote to repair my hailstones battered car moments ago, then I realized how lucky I actually was.  Some of those cars damaged by hailstones yesterday looked just unbelievable with smashed windows and centimeters-deep dents all over the top!  I got to stop complaining!




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