Happy 2011


I could not believe we are already in the second day of 2011!  Where has 2010 gone?  Well, we did achieve a few goals, meet some new friends, and have some setbacks too (e.g. gas hot water system burst on Christmas day and air conditioner broke down on Boxing day, stuffs like that…$&@#!).

We were planning to wake up early on the New Year’s day to shoot the first sunrise of 2011 but who am I kidding right?  lol!  However, we did manage to drag ourselves this morning to Kings Park and take some shots.  Unfortunately, the sunrise was rather uneventful but the morning was surprisingly cool and refreshing!  To escape the 40°C heat, we decided to explore the new Indian Ocean Drive, which supposedly offer a more scenic route for travelers between Perth and Geraldton.  Well, is it comparable to the Great Ocean Drive?  Unfortunately no, most part of the highway is situated too far inland and there is not much “scenic view” unless you are looking for countless grass trees and possibly, roadkill.  However, it does offer a much easier and faster way to Cervantes, home of pinnacles and of course, Geraldton.  Besides, we would rather be in air conditioned car than our hot house with broken aircon 🙂

Happy 2011

Happy 2011


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