The Weather

How do I feel?

How do I feel?


3 Responses to “The Weather”

  1. hi Kim

    Love this one

    really nice

    Did you have success on sleep one full night ??? I didn’t sinc 6 months….

    On June 19th Daniel make 6 month old, today we have appointment with doctors for revision and vacination,…. will see what doctors tell us,….

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Arturo, life will never be the same for both of us 🙂 Last night I probably only have 4 hours sleep, not too sure me and my wife can survive for 6 months lol!

      • 3 chausinho

        Survive for 6 month ???
        it will be so for your whole live,… when he has 20 years and he goes out to disco or to a party you will be waiting awake until he returns,… for sure,..

        But when he smille you forget everythings

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