A Picnic


It seems like ages since my last post and it probably has.  Can’t believe it’s Easter break already and Aiden will turn 9 months in just 10 days!  Today was a beautiful day but we were chasing the shades a little bit as the temperature rises at midday.  I have never been to Heathcote Reserve in Applecross before and it is indeed a little gem tucked away just a short drive from the bustling Canning Bridge.

A Picnic

Our cheeky monkey

Nice to meet you Sophie 🙂

A Picnic

I found a friend!


A Picnic

A Picnic

A Picnic

Jedi training in progress!

A Picnic

A Picnic

A Picnic

A Picnic


2 Responses to “A Picnic”

  1. Very nice,.. hes is growing also very fast

    Enjoy this days… when he start to walk you will need 4 hands and 8 eyes……

    • lol! I think you are right. Now he is only crawling around (fast) and we are running out of eyes!

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