A Sunday Picnic


Cloudy and overcast, what a beautiful day to be outdoor enjoying some fresh air!  I am truly sick of clean blue sky here in Perth and I am definitely over with this never ending summer heat.  Come on rain and thunderstorm! 



4 Responses to “A Sunday Picnic”

  1. Nice series Kim

    Like this one

    He is checking security status,… maybe broken chains ???

    Veri nice… Our Daniel is already 15 months since last Friday April 19th… but he is already about 85cm big….. Let see what the pediatrician said oin Tuesday has he is havin a control…..

    • Thanks Arturo…time flies isn’t it? Aiden is 9m+ now and will be 1yo in July! Aiden is very interested in small details and things such as buttons, pins and small scuff marks on things 🙂 Can’t believe Daniel is so big already!

      • Hi Kim

        Today we go to the sand once again,….
        He looks like an small mole throwing sand every where and looking for each small stick and or stone….. soon he will be searching for spiders like his father…lol

        take care and enjoy this days,… time flies faster every day….

      • Hi Arturo, Aiden loves to eat sand instead of playing with it lol!

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