Picnic @ Synergy Park


Catching a bit of cool air before the sun churns out more heat again today. It has been a rather relentless summer this year with an average temperature of above mid 30s for the past few weeks.  Thanks goodness the cool change seems to be at the horizon according to the weather forecast this week.




Dodo Ride

Don’t think Aiden like dodo too much lol!


4 Responses to “Picnic @ Synergy Park”

  1. Nice to se you back in Australia

    Hope you did have a nice hollidays there.

    I am still fighting with Lotto,.. but no luck…. lol

  2. Ahhh sorry forget to offer you some rain….

    Since December 12 until yesterday March 5th we got only 5 days with no rain here…. its said one of the wetest winter in Galicia in last 10 years…..

    (Aiden is growing very fast to,… we are becoming older and older…… lol )

  3. Hi Arturo…We had a great time back in Malaysia. Anyway, my stomach did enjoy all the food that I missed so much in Australia 🙂

  4. We still have no rain here since this post lol! However the weather is much cooler now. I love autumn…even though practically there are only 2 seasons here in Perth…cold and very hot, nothing in between really!

    I know…our kids grow too fast and we grow too old too fast too. Soon will be two old men (us) still player lotto lol! …esp I am oldER 😦

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