@Cottlesloe – Sculptures by the Sea 2014


If you happened to miss the Sculptures by the Sea this year, here are a few shots I like to share with you.  And yes, it has been nearly 2 months ago and only now that I managed go through and upload a few photos lol!  All photos were taken using my trusty X100 🙂DSCF3300 DSCF3304 DSCF3316 DSCF3328 DSCF3330 DSCF3331 DSCF3346 DSCF3353 DSCF3364 DSCF3369 DSCF3388 DSCF3390 DSCF3399 DSCF3402 DSCF3406 DSCF3415


2 Responses to “@Cottlesloe – Sculptures by the Sea 2014”

  1. nice

    Seems Aiden is growing very fast like our Daniel….

    • I know, can’t believe he will be two next month! it seems like we just celebrated his 1st not too long ago. Your weather there must be getting warm now….you must be excited to find more spiders 😛

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