Aiden exploring Mandurah :)


This was kind of Aiden’s second trip to Mandurah.  His first was with me delivering pork skewers to our stall during Mandurah Crab Fest by Channel 7, and he was tired so he ended up crying all the way home lol!  It was a good morning walk along the esplanade and Aiden thoroughly enjoyed the playground.  We even caught up with 2 regulars from pharmacy where I work!

IMG_4098 IMG_4131 IMG_4108 IMG_4151 IMG_4114 IMG_4103 IMG_4143 IMG_4142


2 Responses to “Aiden exploring Mandurah :)”

  1. Hi Kim

    Is there an spanish “Chocolateria”

    All kids are the same….

    they love the wheels….

    • Hi Arturo, I think San Churro is Spanish, there are quite a few around Perth. Aiden is crazy about wheels, anything round is wheel…plates, round biscuits, CD… lol!

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