From past couple of months…


From past couple of months, we celebrated both Jin and Aiden’s birthdays.  I still cannot believe Aiden’s has already turned 2 last week, felt like we just celebrated his 1st not long ago.  DSCF3570 DSCF3538  IMG_4267IMG_4315IMG_4322IMG_4252IMG_4241IMG_4349DSCF3632 IMG_4394IMG_4379  IMG_4425  IMG_4435 IMG_4427  IMG_4418   IMG_4420  IMG_4406 IMG_4364


2 Responses to “From past couple of months…”

  1. Hi Kim was showing the photos to Daniel and with the cake he said “mcKing” ( Lightning McQueen its too complicate for him )
    Seems all kids love cars and wheels

    Since 24th we have Moto’s meeting in our town, I was yesterday night (20:30) with Daniel to look a Stunt show and take some photos, it was so noisy,… but Daniel like it and also when finish he was askin to look for some more motos “making smoke”… lol

    Concentracion Motera de Boiro

    They are growing so fast that make us realize that we are becoming old,….

    • Awesome Arturo! I will sure bring Aiden to Perth Motorplex one day and I am sure he will love it too. I think all boys like cars and planes. Now Aiden is crazy about the animation “Turbo” and he keeps saying “snail…snail…” lol!

      We are getting old too fast my friend. I wish we can slow the time down so we can take a break. It’s 3 months…well…more or less to 2015…can you believe that?!

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