Shooting with phone no longer sucks…


I have been using the Nexus 6P now for just over couple of months and one of the features that I have come to love most is indeed its camera.  The Sony module boosts a 12.3MP and f/2 lens with laser focus (whatever that means) certainly does a great job in creating great photos even in low light and challenging environments.  Here is a selection of photos that are taken using the Nexus with no particular sequence 🙂

psst….only “mildly” edited to remove a few wrinkles in one of the photos 😛


3 Responses to “Shooting with phone no longer sucks…”

  1. Oh man I just purchase a brand new 7D MKII, shall I change it by a phone??

    • Hymm….did you win lotto and not telling me? 🙂 Must be a nice camera you got there. Shall you change? …well…may be not yet…wait another few more years I think with multiple lenses composite camera on phone, then it might be the time :p

      • I didn’t win the lotto sorry, but I win another live that is more important….,

        Just suffered an accident with the camera and the camera back pack Ia falled from a waterfall and broken my hip, some ribs, tooth……. and all my camera stuff got wet with the river water…… 40D stay in the water with the 10/22 broken on it…. Tripod become monopode and bipode…..

        But all are under recovery and under progress I am getting better and I can already walk out side and take some photos…..

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