About KJ

Welcome to Kimtojin’s PhotoBlog.  For my other regular blog, please follow the side link of The Big Prawn.  I am Kim and Jin is my better half, who is a graphic designer and illustrator, and hence the name “Kimtojin”.  Here is a blog solely devoted to my love for photography.  I am a self-taught part-time photographer who loves fine art  and street photography.  Taking a snapshot to me is like sorting a bunch of things and putting them into perspective.  I always considered myself to be an amateur with a passion!

If you have any constructive criticisms or advice regarding any of my work, please do not hesitate to leave some comments.  If you are interested to buy or use any of my photos, please feel free to contact me.

Kimtojin is also part of Plan B Photography which is a joint venture between Jin, myself and a good friend of us, Wayne.

A note about copyright; please do not re-post, use or reproduce the photos posted here or on my Flickr account in any forms or media without prior consent from the author.  All rights reserved.  Please note:  Photos with people are not available for sale/commercial use.


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