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Our Baby G


Well since my last post, we have had another big change to our lives.  We welcomed our 2nd son into our world of 3 🙂  He arrived roughly 2 weeks earlier than expected, a day after we spent a day on the beach at Woodman Point and binged on a good dose of fish and […]

Been quite a few months since my last post again and I am yet to post any photos from our last trip to Taiwan 🙂  Procrastination, occasional Chinese dramas and computer games are the usual culprits of course.  Anyway, another year, another Sculpture by the Sea exhibition and only this year I found myself scratching […]

We have been lucky enough to catch the last week of the apple picking season at the Valley Fresh Produce in Pickering Brook today.  We were a bit concern that it might rain but lately the weather forecast has been anything but as forecast 🙂  And my friends, those apples are the most amazing I […]

From past couple of months, we celebrated both Jin and Aiden’s birthdays.  I still cannot believe Aiden’s has already turned 2 last week, felt like we just celebrated his 1st not long ago.              

Catching a bit of cool air before the sun churns out more heat again today. It has been a rather relentless summer this year with an average temperature of above mid 30s for the past few weeks.  Thanks goodness the cool change seems to be at the horizon according to the weather forecast this week.