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Our Baby G


Well since my last post, we have had another big change to our lives.  We welcomed our 2nd son into our world of 3 🙂  He arrived roughly 2 weeks earlier than expected, a day after we spent a day on the beach at Woodman Point and binged on a good dose of fish and […]

Today I took the opportunity of my rare Saturday off work to have some family photos taken at Kings Park with the help of our good friend, Wayne.  It was a wonderful winter afternoon with mild temperature and a light breeze.  Thank you so much uncle Wayne for all the fantastic photos 🙂  Jin will […]



I thought I would have more time taking and uploading more photos after bringing Aiden home but I was wrong, we were wrong.  No time + no sleeps ….guess now we understand why others keep saying it would be a life changing experience lol! Funny enough, we enjoy every single moment of it! Special thanks […]

Thank you to all our friends for their well wishes, we finally welcome our baby “kk” – Aiden to our life.  Expect more (much more) photos to come but at the meantime, here are some shots which I took earlier on today.  I have to limit my uploads due to restricted mobile bandwidth and limited […]

A Beautiful Day


Dearest KK, we have been waiting for another week and you are still yet to decide when you are going to meet your overly excited parents…  We cannot wait to see your lovely smile!  

This could well be the last weekend of peace and quiet for us! As well as I am mentally prepared for what is coming, uncertainty, excitement and anxiousness are still playing in my head, and to speak the truth, sleepless nights are already upon us.  We took the opportunity today to sneak down to the […]