We have been lucky enough to catch the last week of the apple picking season at the Valley Fresh Produce in Pickering Brook today.  We were a bit concern that it might rain but lately the weather forecast has been anything but as forecast 🙂  And my friends, those apples are the most amazing I have ever tasted, bar none.  Thank you Dao and Orm for showing us this awesome orchard.  Aiden was so excited today, and I finally got a chance to dust off my camera gears too!



I have been using the Nexus 6P now for just over couple of months and one of the features that I have come to love most is indeed its camera.  The Sony module boosts a 12.3MP and f/2 lens with laser focus (whatever that means) certainly does a great job in creating great photos even in low light and challenging environments.  Here is a selection of photos that are taken using the Nexus with no particular sequence 🙂

psst….only “mildly” edited to remove a few wrinkles in one of the photos 😛

Welcome 2016!


I am not sure where has 2015 gone but I am glad it is coming to an end.  Welcome 2016 and we wish all our friends a very happy 2016.  Hope the new year will bring into everyone’s life just a little more smiles, a little more happiness and great health!  2016

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Finally I get to add another post to my blog after a long hiatus, my first in 2015 and already we are half way into February! Actually I still don’t know much about the whole story behind The Giants but the Girl and the Diver sure captured the heart of Perth. We managed to get a glimpse of the duo after work on Saturday. I only managed to get a few photos because at any one time, there were countless of phones…phablets…tablets…pads…in between…but to be honest, I spent most of my time in the city queuing in front of portable toilet booth!